The Monk Diamond
An incredible discovery

The Monk Diamond Discovery!

Stolen jewel found in Siberia.

The Monk Diamond has been discovered in the mountains of siberia.

The discovery is of internationial significance.

The team were looking for fossils

Not one of the world's most famous jewels.

Fact File

The Monk Diamond was believed to be gone for good.

The House of Volkov was shock by the theft

The police remain baffled by the crime.

There whereno successful leads in the case.

The Bond Brothers have never been caught.

Professor Bairstone and Dr Day have made a sensational discovery.
They found the Monk Diamond!

The Monk Diamond has been hidden in a cave
It was inside a crack in the rock.

Ernest sniffed out the diamond

Ernest started sniffing and barking at a rock in a cave.
Hidden inside the rock was the Monk Diamond.

Professor Bairstone and Dr Day are very excited by their discovery.
Ernest was also very happy with the find.
Professor Bairstone gave him extra rations.

Professor Bairstone and Dr Day were on a fossil finding expedition.
Professor Bairstone is the world's leading explorer.

Professor Bairstone is a famous explorer.

Dr Day is a scientist who studies fossils.

Dr Day is a top scientist. She loves dinosaur fossils.

This isProfessor Bairstone and Dr Day's first expedition together.

Here is a photo of the team:

They have discovered the Monk Diamond in a remote cave in Siberia.
The Monk Diamond is a rare jewel.

The jewel was stolen from Moscow.

The theft happened three years ago.

The Bond Brothers are the prime suspects

Why was the diamond hidden in the cave?
Who hid it there?
Was it the Bond Brothers?
Could they be watching the cave?
Is the team safe?
Their camp is very remote.

The team where delighted with there discovery

Ernest, Professor Bairstone's dog, found the jewel.

The Monk Diamond is over a billion years old.

The Monk Diamond is a rare green diamond.
It is 300 carats and worth over 10 million.

Professor Bairstone has sent us this secret photo of the Monk Diamond:

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